Workplace variety – mix the tops with the staple bottoms

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Get the high quality basics right and the rest will follow…

It’s a situation that we all face from time to time – what to wear at work, whilst at the same time having to avoid the dreaded “same old same old”

One answer is to give the plastic a bashing, buy loads of clothes and have an extension built on your house to contain your new ultra big walk-in wardrobe (pause for thought at this point…).

OK – this is the real world (unfortunately) so most of us have to be a tad more practical about these things.

There is happily a more sensible approach that enables you to be seen as a wardrobe wizard, without having to break the bank!

Make staples your new best friend!

It’s a recurring theme – high quality staples such as beige or black trousers and skirts that form the foundation of your outfits, interspersed with colour, variety and accessories. In short, build a workplace capsule wardrobe as previously highlighted.

Fashion and lifestyle author Anna Papadopoulos is of a similar mind – as demonstrated in a recent article that we love called Top 5 Fashion Hacks For Businesswomen. And point number four is the biggie for us here…

“Having multiple tops for the same bottom is a much more cost-effective as well as style-oriented way to shop than having different bottoms for the same top. By doing this, your outfits come off to be new and different and you also make great use of your expensive bottoms.”

The rest of the article is well worth checking out by the way – especially the considerations regarding accessories and Boyfriend jeans.

New stylish women's top from Just Elegance - coming soon

Coming soon to Just Elegance…

This sensational leaf motif top will make an excellent highlight piece for your black trouser staple – perfect for autumn!

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