Why you shouldn’t buy it if it doesn’t look fabulous on you…

Orange multi print floral tie side dress by Just Elegance

…and you shouldn’t slavishly follow fashion!

One of our favourite women’s fashion focussed articles of the moment originated in Australia – on the Sydney Morning Herald website to be precise. It has more common sense packed into it than most how-tos we’ve seen of late.

The report is by Serina Bird, who provides a number of really useful considerations, such as “Never slavishly follow fashion”. You should be guided by what actually looks good on you – not what someone else is wearing, she quite rightly argues.

Do the clothes look good on you?

When shopping and trying something on for the first time, make sure it has the “wow!” factor, advises Serina. If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, put it back.

“If you don’t love it then and there, you never will, and it will just clutter your wardrobe.”

Which brings us to another of her suggestions – which is almost part of the same suggestion. “Get rid of anything you haven’t worn recently”. If you don’t feel good about them, there’s no point keeping them after all.

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