Why tie-dye is now a “must-have style”

Tie dye dresses from Just Elegance

It’s the 1960s all over again – with a difference

Tie-dyeing has been around for a long time. We know that the 1960s was a long time ago (really?), but actually it was devised as a method of colouring clothes way before that.

There are a multitude of recorded examples in Asia and Africa according to Wikipedia, which also highlights that it was popular in America comparatively recently in the early 20th Century.

Most people of a certain age associate it with the 1960’s hippies, peace and love and maybe even certain substances.

The reinvention of tie-dye

There have been a few hints that it may be about to reemerge, but in reality it’s gone way beyond that, according to a recent report on the Independent website.

The article, written by Olivia Petter even presents tie-dye with the accolade of

“…this season’s must-have style”.

It’s one of the fastest growing fashion search engine keywords of 2019 says Petter. It’s a trend that’s been fuelled this time around by “sophisticated structures and luxury fabrics” she argues.

The article quotes fashion insights reporter at Lyst Morgane Le Caer in order to link its “homemade roots” “with the rise in demand for a more sustainable fashion, thanks to its ties with organic materials, natural dyes, and artisanal methods.”

How tie-dye went from a hippy summer of love staple to this season’s must-have style »

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