Why the gilet can be the most versatile item in your wardrobe

Women's gilet from Just Elegance

The “Goldilocks experience” of clothes…

There are those who may remember the tale of “Goldilocks and the three bears” where, hungry and alone, our heroine discovered the bears’ house. Imagine her relief when she spied three bowls of porridge on the table – and in desperation sampled them. 

You may remember that in the story, one was too hot, one too cold – and the third was just right. Which is where the gilet comes in…

Of course we’re not advocating random porridge thefts, but what we are doing, is drawing attention to one of the main benefits of the gilet.

It’s lightweight enough to be one of the most comfortable items you can wear, but warm enough to do the job when the autumn weather suddenly tuns chilly.

Build a style with your gilet

And the other advantage – you can make a complete look of anything you want under or around it, unlike an overcoat which hides everything, or a lightweight top which just isn’t warm enough.

There’s an excellent piece about this on the Joules Journal blog, which demonstrates the world of possibilities presented to you by the often ignored gilet.

“…they are the essential turn-to outerwear piece to weather all manner of storms and keep you warm (just not too warm).”

For women, there are two main options, says the article.

Think country walks, and the classic wellington boot. The casual scenario opens up all sorts of possibilities: think classic striped sweatshirts for example.

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A range of women's gilets from Just Elegance
Women’s gilets with or without hoods from Just Elegance

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The classic yellow gilet (above left) is selling out fast.

Enjoy a little extra protection from the wind and rain with the hooded gilet, available in light grey or country green.

Both are exclusive to Just Elegance.

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