Why mixing patterns isn’t always as taboo as you think it might be…

Ladies reversible dress from Just Elegance

Fashion tips sometimes present the unexpected!

At Just Elegance, we’ve always been a tad careful when it comes to patterns, and have tended to stick to one featured garment, being helped to stand out with supporting but plainer staples. That’s beginning to change, with the onset of spring – and a recent article on the Trend Spotter website.

A really fun piece by Taylah Brewer that features fifteen really interesting women’s fashion tips, including an excellent way to organise and edit your closet, how to balance your top and bottom (essential viewing) and the really important “Prepare for the fitting room”.

Move those block colours to one side!

It’s point six that’s really caught our collective eye – and it’s aimed at those who’ve been rigidly sticking to those good old faithful block colours advises the article.

“…now’s the time to be bold and embrace checks, stripes, florals, gingham, and more.”

Of course there is a caveat here – the all-important note of caution. And it’s a crucial one.

“Just remember to make sure that your patterns complement rather than clash.”

You could, writes Taylah, choose a couple of designs with matching colour ranges, or as an alternative, use one pattern as a feature, with the other in a supporting role.

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Floral butterfly print dress by Just Elegance

Shop patterns at Just Elegance

Here are a couple of really interesting patterned alternatives for you – both of which have just arrived at the Just Elegance online store.

  1. The reversible dress shown at the top of the page gives you twice as many pattern/colour options for your money!
  2. The floral butterfly print dress (above) gives you the option for a more subtle, quietly confident pattern match.