Why mature women may choose to avoid big T-shirts and baggy sweat pants

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Keeping your outfits flattering – without breaking the bank

Many consider dressing in a flattering fashion as they get older a real challenge. The key is not to give up and resort to the dreaded baggy T shirt and sweat pants – it’s to follow a few simple basic rules, and the results can be very rewarding.

One of the better how-tos we’ve come across recently comes from an American website called the Cranston Herald in the form of an excellent piece by Cindy Fera, who manages to cram many useful tips into one article.

Flowy tops are the key

Cindy is a great advocate of the “flowy top” (we love that description).

“They hide a multitude of sins but can still show off your attributes, like a long neck or nice shoulders.”

Along with that, consider close fitting trousers or jeans, she advises. Avoid side pockets though because they can flare open and draw attention to themselves.

And never combine patterns advises Fera. Just have two similar colours next to each other; they could be a colour in a pattern and the main one in the plain garment.

The other main ingredient? The footwear. “…a little heel goes a long way” says Cindy – but avoid ankle straps.

“They draw the eye and, unless you have slim ankles, make your calves look chunky.”

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