Why dressing “your age” doesn’t mean looking frumpy!

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Clothes don’t need to be less interesting as you gain wisdom with the years…

Women everywhere are constantly being told to “dress their age” which is in our opinion, a bit of a two way street. The dreaded phrase “mutton dressed as lamb” (scream of horror at this point!!!) creates all sorts of horrific mental images.

Much of the advice flying around the internet is well-intentioned, helpful and to an extent true. But – and there is a very big “but” here – some seem to be saying that the only thing to do is head towards the dreaded “frumpy”.

This is why we couldn’t disagree more…

In a recent article on the CEOWORLD Magazine website, travel and Fashion writer Bhavishya Pahwa warns agains donning a 20 year old’s outfit in your 40s – which does make a great deal of sense of course. He also correctly advises that fashions change and evolve – something we all have to acknowledge.

“…what suits you and you adore as an offspring of the 80s isn’t getting down to business on your present day, 30 years after.”

The article continues that an exquisite custom-fitted dress on a thirtysomething, may well result in a “refined and chic” look, but just won’t on a woman twenty years older.

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Go for what works for you – not what’s suitable for your age!

All of which brings us to the main point of our argument. When shopping for clothes think about your shape, your colouring, the season and the fact that you need new clothes.

Yes of course we don’t always “need” new clothes – we “need to shop” for new clothes and the two are very different.

But when you’ve ticked all the boxes you need to tick about why / size / style and season – then you can get onto the fun bit and ask yourself

“What makes me feel good?”

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