Unpredictable weather? That’s why your cardigan can be your new best friend!

White crochet edge to edge cardigan by Just Elegance

You can look great and keep the chill at bay

The word “cardigan” conjures up all sorts of granny-related images in our heads – but these days things have moved on rather a lot.

From something looking very much akin to a knitted sleeping bag, the good old cardi has become an essential wardrobe piece – especially for anyone who regularly benefits from the glorious unpredictability of the UK weather!

We’ve found some terrific cardigan-centric fashion ideas on the Become Chic blog, which mainly focusses on wrap-around knitted versions which keep you warm while looking very cool – if you see what we mean!

There are some particularly good “street style looks”.

17 ways to wear a cardigan »

Tackle the spring / summer transition head on

Of course, the examples cited are particularly suited for cold weather. But we’re nearly into (whisper it) summer. But you can never be sure that we’re consistently going to actually get warmer weather. Indeed, your granny may have regaled you with “Ne’er cast a clout till May be out” or some such alongside other words of often unintelligible wisdom.

So what we really need is a clothing version of an insurance policy – yes the good old cardigan!

Or rather, our current favourite fashion layering garment – the cardigan!

Featured garments

The gorgeous white crochet edge to edge cardigan at the top of the page is elegant, light and just warm enough to let you look good without your teeth chattering!

And the very classy looking spot leaf waterfall cardigan (below) is a fantastic layering piece. Never did an insurance policy look so good!

Women's spot leaf waterfall cardigan from Just Elegance

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