Travelling light – caring for your clothes on the move

Travelling light caring for your clothes on the move

Think about washing your clothes before you set off…

This is often the time of year when a longer trip, maybe a spell of travelling abroad, can happen for you if you’re lucky enough to be able to get away for a while. After all, holidays and travel are considerably cheaper now that the kids have gone back to school!

Of course, you don’t want to be weighted down by suitcases if your away for a while – so you need to consider being able to reuse your clothes while you’re away.

Which is why you need to carefully consider which clothes you’re going to take – and how you’re going to wash them.

The first thing is to create that capsule wardrobe – something we’ve touched on before – when every piece of clothing you take can be paired with multiple other items. And of course, you can always pack a few eye-catching statement pieces: you don’t want to “do” bland while you’re having fun after all!

Environmentally friendly soap

Essentially this can be your washing kit, according to an article by Layne Gibbons that appeared recently on The Travel website. The environmentally friendly bit is particularly important on the grounds that you can wash anywhere there’s some nice fresh, clean water, without causing problems for the local flora or fauna, Gibbons explains.

The report features ten really useful travel washing tips such as

  • The importance of laundry bags
  • Hotels can help
  • How best to use showers, sinks and the good old bath tub.

And we particularly like the sound of something called the Aloksak Bag (no really!).

“All you gotta do is fill it up with hot water, pour some detergent in, and then dump your dirty laundry inside. Mix it around first before letting your dirty clothes soak for a few minutes.”

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Womens red print cowl neck top with buttons by Just Elegance
Women’s red print cowl neck top with buttons by Just Elegance

Add a splash of colour on your travels!

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