Transitional fashion: keep the outerwear – but try a splash of colour!

The perfect spring garment - the Just Elegance knitted cape

Spring may be here – but you don’t want to freeze!

You may not be aware of the phrase “transitional style” when it comes to women’s clothing, but it’s an important one – especially at this time of year as we make the transition from Winter to Spring, according to a recent article on the Image website.

The article’s author Marie Kelly has come up with a number of interesting suggestions for the first transitional period of the year.

“Embrace colour”

It’s easy to go too far one way or the other at this time of year: keep your warm but dark winter coat on the go, at a time when a spot of colour wouldn’t go amiss – or head full on into spring, at the risk of being really cold.

“You don’t have to forgo wearing a coat (in fact you shouldn’t because you’ll freeze) but do swap traditional black or navy outerwear for a vibrant coloured coat instead.”

Women's fashion tips - embrace colour but you'll need to keep warm

The stylish lemon yellow padded gilet with zip pockets (above) is a nice way to add some transitional colour – without sacrificing that all-important warmth.

“Lighten up your neutrals” is another top tip from the article – avoid too much grey and black and try out shades of biscuit and beige instead – such as with the photograph shown at the top of the page.

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