Top fashion tips to save you time and keep you looking good!

Lemon or white floral embroidered T shirt from Just Elegance

How to avoid the dreaded “first thing in the morning panic!”

We’ve all been there: the alarm went off late or the kids suddenly remember that all-important something for school – leaving you very little time to actually leave the house looking vaguely presentable.

Your intentions were so good. You’d got that new statement piece, but hadn’t yet got round to working out the complimentary neutrals and accessories. Not to worry – you can always sort it in the morning.

Except that things happen and you end up heading to that meeting with always well turned out friends, looking like the human version of an explosion in a paint factory!

Keep calm and plan ahead!

That all-important “working it out in advance” kind of thing makes such a difference: after all, looking wonderful does (for most of us) take a bit of effort!

With that in mind, we were delighted when we came across an article from Australia on the ABC website, where Kellie Scott picked the brains of blogger Katie Parrott, Jasmine Hunt – a Brisbane fashionista – and New York based dancer Vanessa Marian.

There are also some interesting hair and makeup tips to check out…

Katie, for example, keeps her work clothes all together.

“I have a whole section of work-appropriate stuff, so when I open my wardrobe, right there in front of me is what I need to get ready for work”.

Jasmine ( a mum of three) plans her outfit the evening before – as does dancer Jasmine, who of course dresses comparatively informally. But, as she emphasises,

“Style plays a huge role [in dance], especially within hip-hop, in that your threads are legitimately an extension of who you are when you step into a cipher (a freestyle dance circle).”

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