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Your essential summer wardrobe overhaul starts here!

A summer wardrobe without breaking the bank by Just Elegance

Keep to timeless classics with new statement pieces and accessories Summer has arrived (after a fashion) and it’s the time of year when the phrase “wardrobe overhaul” might crop up from time to time. It makes a great deal of sense, as we wrote in a previous article, to follow the following simple equation:- Good […]

How to avoid mistakes with your jeans – and what to go with them

How to avoid mistakes with your jeans

Get the jeans right and the rest will follow! Often described as a “closet staple” jeans are probably the most important item in your wardrobe. But they need to be right in a number of important ways in order to make the most of the feature items and accessories that you surround them with. First […]

Exactly why are “50 shades of beige” so popular at the moment?

Women's beige roll neck hotfix detail jumper from Just Elegance

…and the changing role of the “statement piece” in women’s fashion We’re not sure when this recent mad rush for all things beige began – and it does seem to be quite a recent trend in women’s fashion. Indeed, we recently blogged why beige just “oozes effortless chic”.  Anna Vitiello thinks she spotted its origins at […]

Love your clothes – how to make them last longer

Black and white floral tunic with scarf from Just Elegance

Wonderful tips to save time and money on women’s fashion It can be very time consuming shopping for your soon-to-be-favourite outfits (as well as fun of course), but having gone to all the trouble and expense of landing clothes that you really love, it makes sense to make them last, so you can love them […]

How to love your clothes for longer…

Sustainable clothing: women's red navy abstract print tunic by Just Elegance

Sustainable clothing is becoming more of a focus for many… At Just Elegance, we’re great fans of sustainable clothing, so that you can love our carefully manufactured garments for longer, which helps you to get off the “throw away clothing” merry-go-round. Which is why we really love a recent article spotted on the Who What […]

Why dressing “your age” doesn’t mean looking frumpy!

Womens black and white abstract print cardigan by Just Elegance

Clothes don’t need to be less interesting as you gain wisdom with the years… Women everywhere are constantly being told to “dress their age” which is in our opinion, a bit of a two way street. The dreaded phrase “mutton dressed as lamb” (scream of horror at this point!!!) creates all sorts of horrific mental […]

How to make three colours at a time work best for you

How wearing 3 colours at a time can look chic

When three colours are used in tandem with any woman’s outfit, sorting out how to make it work can prove challenging. Get it right and it all looks intentional and effortless. It can take quite a lot of effort to get to that stage, so we’ve found some great ideas to help you look “tri-coloured chic”.