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Avoiding fashion mistakes – the common sense tips to consider

Mint floral design women's T shirt by Just Elegance

Steering clear of the dreaded “fashion faux pas” Not matter how long you spend shopping, carefully checking out what you might love (sometimes more in hope than expectation), and focussing on things that you’re told are fashionable, there are a few simple rules that you need to bear in mind at all times if you’re […]

Top fashion tips to save you time and keep you looking good!

Lemon or white floral embroidered T shirt from Just Elegance

How to avoid the dreaded “first thing in the morning panic!” We’ve all been there: the alarm went off late or the kids suddenly remember that all-important something for school – leaving you very little time to actually leave the house looking vaguely presentable. Your intentions were so good. You’d got that new statement piece, […]

On holiday or away from home? Try a “capsule wardrobe”

Women's print short reversible dress from Just Elegance

For when you need to make every bit of luggage count… When on a holiday or business trip, the first thought is to throw as many clothes as you may or may not need onto the bed. The second is “How am I going to fit all that into my reasonably sized suitcase?” or “I’ll […]