How to love your clothes for longer…

Sustainable clothing: women's red navy abstract print tunic by Just Elegance

Sustainable clothing is becoming more of a focus for many…

At Just Elegance, we’re great fans of sustainable clothing, so that you can love our carefully manufactured garments for longer, which helps you to get off the “throw away clothing” merry-go-round.

Which is why we really love a recent article spotted on the Who What Wear website.

Assistant Editor Anna La Placa has put together a number of excellent suggestions – five to be precise – on how to prolong the lifespan of your favourite clothes. With the added incentive that these techniques don’t actually cost anything!

She quotes New Zealand based designer Maggie Hewitt as saying she always used to use the dryer as she was always “time poor”, but a change of attitude made an amazing difference to her clothes.

“…it’s amazing what the sun, less laundering, and only using natural products can do for the life span of your garments.”

Some of our favourite top tips in the article include:-

  • Let the sun do the work for you
  • Stick your jean in the freezer (new to us!)
  • …and drying your clothes naturally.

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Sustainable clothing: orange print reversible dress by Just Elegance

Perfect for hand washing and natural drying, the top and dress shown here can be purchased from Just Elegance – online or instore.