Online clothes shopping or in store – which is best?

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Of course, you can always have your cake AND eat it!

For many, the lure of online shopping is irresistible – but there’s always the nagging doubt regarding fit, quality and even the way a garment feels when you first try it on.

The only way to overcome such issues is by ordering and trying things on. Then sending them back (a pain!) if they’re not quite as you hoped.

The “first purchase” issue

Consistency of size and fit across different manufacturers and resellers is inconsistent to say the least. But they tend to be more consistent within the product ranges offered by an individual retailer.

Shoppers often find that the first purchase made from an online-only women’s clothing store is very much like what-to-wear Russian roulette – you really don’t know what you’re going to get!

Of course, the consumers’ champion – the Distance Selling Regulations – takes all the risk out of any online purchase. You can simply return anything you don’t want without having to have a reason if you just don’t like it or don’t want it.

It still leaves the faffing about though…

Trying out clothes in store

For many, actually clapping eyes on clothes, feeling them, trying them on, seeing how they hang – and of course seeing the sizing implications for themselves is the perfect introduction to a new outlet. This in turn enables the shopper to buy with real confidence in the future, whether online or in store on the grounds that they have a much clearer idea of what actually works for them.

Buy womens clothes online or in store - Just EleganceThe Just Elegance range can be purchased online or in store

The Just Elegance advantage

The Just Elegance range of women’s clothing is varied, very well priced and of a high quality, with many garments being designed and manufactured in-house, with the obvious quality control advantages that this brings.

Buying online is quick, easy, convenient and secure, which takes all the worries out of the purchasing process for customers. And a 5 star Trust Pilot rating provides a further reassurance.

But maybe, just maybe, you might actually like to see the range for yourself at one of Just Elegance’s “real world” outlets across the UK. There are a lot of them to choose from – and they’re easy to find with the handy store locator.

Try the stylish Just Elegance Women’s clothing range for yourself – at a store near you! »

Of course, Just Elegance doesn’t actually sell cake as such. But the winning combination of online and in-store enables everyone to buy in a way that best suits them…