On holiday or away from home? Try a “capsule wardrobe”

Women's print short reversible dress from Just Elegance

For when you need to make every bit of luggage count…

When on a holiday or business trip, the first thought is to throw as many clothes as you may or may not need onto the bed. The second is “How am I going to fit all that into my reasonably sized suitcase?” or “I’ll bet that weighs more than the 15kg airline allowance!”

We’ve all been there of course! How to get round it?

We found a lovely turn of phrase that best sums up how to overcome this problem – and it’s on the Savvy Packer website, the focus of which is how to dress like a European when in Europe (don’t ask!).

“Create a capsule wardrobe”

“A capsule wardrobe is basically when every piece of clothing you bring can be paired with multiple other items.”

That suggestion of course is self-explanatory, but the article does add other considerations into the mix such as avoiding items that you’ll only wear once, pack low-maintenance easy-to-clean items and making sure that you have plenty of interchangeable accessories.

The article has a number of other interesting suggestions along the lines of the importance of having plenty of scarves (we wholeheartedly agree with that one), the importance of having the correct fit and of course why you should keep your outfits simple.

The bit about “effortless hair” is also interesting, but that can sometimes take just a little too much effort!

Women’s European fashion – tips for dressing like a European »

Perfect travel clothes from Just Elegance

We thought we’d finish with a couple of suggestions for you – admittedly aimed more at a warmer destination. And some of us are looking forward to that well earned summer holiday… (pause for wishful thinking at this point).

The perfect travel companion is the Women’s print short reversible dress shown at the top of this page. Lightweight, comfortable and two outfits in one – taking up even less space in your suitcase!

Women's abstract print cap sleeve T shirt from Just Elegance

…and the abstract print cap sleeve T shirt (above) is eye-catching, takes up very little room and weighs very little.

You know it makes sense LOL…