Make crease resistant clothes part of your holiday wardrobe

Make crinkle resistant clothes part of your holiday wardrobe

Consider not only looking good – but looking good for the camera!

For many fortunate people, about now the great holiday adventure has begun, or is about to begin. We used to love the credit card advert with all those teachers jumping in the swimming pool to a background track of “School’s out” by Alice Cooper!

Most want to look good at some point when they’re away, be it in their latest micromini bathing costume thingy or a nice evening outfit to hit the restaurants in.

Many take no end of photographs while they’re away – smartphones make this so easy – and these become the greatest source of memories for us when showing them to friends upon our return.

Which brings us to the point of this piece: pack clothes that not only look good in real life – but also in photographs.

You want friends to see you looking your best as you recount that gorgeous meal overlooking the bay in Sorrento or Santorini (or other places beginning with “S”) after all!

Bright – and crease free!

Travel writer Riddhi Jadhav is very much of the same mind in an excellent blog article on the Latest LY website.

“Carry wrinkle-resistant clothes because not only they are easy to pack but you also don’t have to worry about too many creases. Carry clothes in the material of rayon, polyester and nylon.”

Natural materials such as cotton and linen are of course best for the heat of the day.

Jadhav also offers excellent advice when it come to the voice of colour for your holiday outfits. There will be (hopefully) lots of bright sunshine and bright colours. So your clothing palette shouldn’t be muted either.

And one other thing we love – if you have two different pairs of sunglasses, take both. Essential for the right look for those sightseeing holiday photos…

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Women's navy floral print short sleeved top by Just Elegance
Women’s navy floral print short sleeved top by Just Elegance

Featured top – new arrival!

This Women’s navy floral print short sleeved top features a flower print with hotfix and plain navy back. It’s exclusive to Just Elegance.

The front 100% polyester and the back a winning combination of 95% viscose and 5% elastane, so it’ll look good as soon as you take it out of your suitcase!

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