Love your clothes – how to make them last longer

Black and white floral tunic with scarf from Just Elegance

Wonderful tips to save time and money on women’s fashion

It can be very time consuming shopping for your soon-to-be-favourite outfits (as well as fun of course), but having gone to all the trouble and expense of landing clothes that you really love, it makes sense to make them last, so you can love them for a little longer.

Shoppers around the globe are increasingly turning to more sustainable options and “throw-away” fashion is on the decline.

They’re also as a result looking for ways to keep their faves looking good. One of the better how-tos we’ve seen of late comes from the USA in the form of the Money Crashers website.

In a much-viewed piece, Jacqueline Curtis has come up with a combination of common sense and inspiration showing how to keep outfits as you’d like them to look – and feel.

Purchasing good quality clothes

This is the starting point, according to the article.

“By spending more on quality pieces that never go out of style, you create a solid base wardrobe with longevity in mind.”

Add variety and change with cheaper, trendy elements mixed in around your staples that will help you achieve a varied look writes Jacqueline.

Some of our other favourite tips include:-

  • Pay attention to the tags when washing
  • Learn basic clothing repair techniques
  • Be careful how you iron
  • Dress after doing your hair and applying makeup
  • …and some particularly good advice regarding the best ways to store your clothes.

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Clothes and Make Them Last Longer »

Closeup of black and white floral tunic with scarf from Just EleganceLove this black and white floral tunic with scarf 

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