It’s Scandi-lous – you CAN add a splash of colour!

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Well-balanced and functional, but now with just that little bit extra…

We love Scandi fashion! We’ve previously referred to it as a quietly confident easy styling, being cooly understated and comfortable at the same time. With lots of those wonderful layers working in harmony.

Scandi is built around those quality staple neutrals as ever, but something a little more daring seems to be happening in northern Europe right now…

Copenhagen Fashion Week has just launched – and apart from being its usual source of marvellous inspiration, it’s revealing a quiet evolution.

Welcome to lagom

According to Angela Velasquez the new buzzword is “lagom”, roughly translated as “just the right amount”. In her article on the Sourcing Journal website, she states that the trend is being driven by cultural influences “… that underscore the growing need for self-care and acceptance.” The traditional neutrals are being accentuated by more vibrant colour themes she observes.

This was a theme that was previously picked up by Faye Y. in a Humble and Rich blog article. She advises readers not to be afraid to let their own individuality shine through. Essentially, those Scandi staples give you a platform on which to express yourself she argues.

“The good thing about neutrals is that it is easier to inject bolder pieces.”

“Relax is the word to remember here, which is perhaps another way of saying not to force things.”

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Women's striped jumper with side panel by Just Elegance
Women’s striped jumper with side panel – which colour is you?

Traditional, elegant muted tones, or something a little more vibrant?

The striped jumper (above) with round neck and long sleeves comes in a choice of two engaging colours – olive/white and peach/white. And they’re exclusive to Just Elegance.

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