Is it time for a capsule work wardrobe?

Womens black and grey top by Just Elegance

It makes getting up in the morning so much easier…

A recent Just Elegance blog article mentioned the benefits of developing a capsule wardrobe for when you’re on holiday or travelling – and the resulting space and weight saving benefits.

We’re now taking a step further by suggesting that the principle can be applied to the workplace.

It’s often the case that we don’t always apply as much thought as we should to an environment in which we spend more time than any other – the workplace. Which is why we think that a capsule wardrobe for the office is such a good idea!

Items within this collection will involve a number of potentially colour neutral staples with complimentary feature items and matching accessories.

Think about after office hours as well

Don’t forget that you may well move on after work to a social environment after the working day has ended – so an outfit will need to be versatile enough to be appropriate for both scenarios.

So perhaps we should be referring to a work + play capsule?

We’ve found the perfect article to help you assemble these core elements – in the form of an article on the Elle Australia website.

The article by Sukriti Wahi, seeks the guidance of ELLE Fashion Features Director, Grace O’Neill, who provides a useful four step guide, which includes

“Pick your silhouettes”, “Choose your colour palette”, “Remember your staples” and “Add your day-to-night accessories”.

That last one contains some excellent advice, namely

“Repeat after us: Accessories are essential. Switching from a sensible block heel to a barely-there stiletto will take you seamlessly from office to after work drinks. Invest in shoes that will work overtime.”

How to build the ultimate capsule work wardrobe »

Womens black trousers for office and work wearThe black trousers (above) are the perfect combination for that work + play capsule – smart for office wear, with a touch of fun for whatever follows in the evening. You can buy them online today from the Just Elegance shop.

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