How to make three colours at a time work best for you

How wearing 3 colours at a time can look chic

The trick is to make your clothing choice look intentional

When three colours are used in tandem with any woman’s outfit, sorting out how to make it work can prove challenging. Get it right and it all looks intentional and effortless. It can take quite a lot of effort to get to that stage, so we’ve found some great ideas to help you look “tri-coloured chic”.

If your wardrobe is full of potentially clashing colours, patterns and styles, you must ensure that any ensemble that you put together is limited to just three colours, according to a recent article by Hannah Baker on The Muse website.

Is tempting to keep at least one of the colours as a neutral one, such as the Just Elegance tops shown on this article with a striking butterscotch feature colour working well with base neutrals of grey and white.

But you can go further than this, says Baker. White, for example doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the colours you utilise – you can use it without it counting as one of your three.

“So, if you’re wearing black pants, a red blazer, and a white shirt you could potentially add one more color without ruining the overall aesthetic.”

Grey and white top with butterscotch highlight from Just EleganceTheme colours on neutrals work really well – but you can go further…

Prints with more than 3 colours

Happily, writes Baker, “busy” prints with more than three colours can, if you’re creative count as just one: it’s the overall impression that counts in this instance.

There are by the way other excellent how-tos in the article including “Invest in timeless pieces not trendy items” and “Take time to go through wardrobe rehab”.

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