How to make monochrome outfits work for you

Monochrome blacks and whites can form a great basis for your look

Consider textiles, patterns – and maybe a very subtle use of colour

It’s official – monochrome was upgraded to the “trend” status, according to Brittany Brolley on her piece on The List website.

She drew our attention to genderless fashion, an “ultra feminine” trend – and in particular the growing momentum of the monochromatic wardrobe. This is particularly good new for the lover of the capsule wardrobe says Brittany.

Outfits showcased for the first time earlier this year “…remained cohesive and monochromatic — and yet, they were anything but monotonous.”

How not to be overwhelmed by monochrome

Which leads us to a very recent how-to by Tess DiNapoli, with her blog piece that can be found on the Exhale Lifestyle website.

You need to be aware of the possibilities and challenges presented by textiles and patterns – and perhaps a “pop” of colour, she advises.

“Monochrome is rarely monotonous when done correctly, but if you’re new to the idea of a head-to-toe match, then it can be a bit overwhelming, at first.”

You can push the envelope, says Tess, by introducing a touch of colour – but still retaining that single colour feel. Something that may be a better starting point if you’re lacking in confidence, or a little unsure about how to make it work best for you.

“As long as colors on your garments are harmonious — i.e. you can wear a variety of shades in the same spectrum — they create the desired effect of a monochromatic outfit.”

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Just monochrome – or a base white with a subtle pattern?

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