How to make cropped trousers work for you

Women's cropped floral trousers only from Just Elegance

Two key lengths to consider…

Cropped trousers – sometimes referred to as cropped pants – need to be approached with a little care. We’ve all witnessed the odd crop-disaster! 

The good news is that adhering to a very few simple rules can make all the difference between a summer success and a fashion fail!

And the benefits are obvious – done well they’re the perfect cool summer garment…

What length to buy?

There are two types of leg length that you should consider, according to an article with contributions by Christina Santelli that appears on wikiHow.

One – between the calf and the ankle. This is the spot where your leg begins to narrow, says the article.

“This is the most attractive part of your lower leg, and you should use your cropped pants to draw attention to it.”

Two – above the ankle. No less than “2 fingers above your ankle bone for these” advises the how-to. We need to make sure that they look like crops not trousers on a bad day.

The advantage for this are worth bearing in mind as “it’s also perfect for having fun with your shoes!”

How to Wear Cropped Pants »

Heels with a little height?

If you wear wide legged cropped trousers, you should consider wearing higher heels advises the 40+ style website.

“One way to overcome the leg shortening effect is to wear higher heels. Wide cropped pants especially look better with heels.”

Just look at the photo of the Just Elegance floral trousers above – those wedges counteract the foreshortening of the crop beautifully!

women's cropped trousers by Just Elegance
Tie dye printed trousers (left) and lime cropped trousers

Shop crop – find your favourites!

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