How to look your best when “dressing your age”

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A few fashion tips that can make the world of difference as you plan your wardrobe…

We need to tread very carefully on this one as the potentially controversial phrase “dressing your age” causes a sharp intake of breath whenever it’s uttered in dark corners! Putting sensitivities aside – if only for a moment – it’s most certainly true that when you’re 20 you can chuck anything on and it will somehow work. This, in many cases can be the road to disaster as the years pass and you become more wonderfully experienced…

This is part of the quandary we’re all going to face sooner or later, according to one of our favourite blog pieces of the moment, which can be found on the Click2Houston website.

We’re off to the USA for this wonderful series of common sense how-tos from consumer expert Amy Davis who, incidentally is “…addicted to coffee, hairspray and pastries” – so we love her straight away!

The fashion in-betweeners

Amy has help for those of us who are too old to dress like their daughters, but don’t want to look like their mums. She quotes fashion stylist Ruth Chow-Kneese, who – much to our relief – points out that current trends depicted in fashion magazines and blogs are “intended for 20-somethings.”

Top tips include:-

  • Avoid ripped jeans (a “fashion fail”)
  • Avoid over tight clothes when copying your daughter (embarrassed silence in the office over this one)
  • Darker denim
  • Off the shoulder blouses.

Push up those sleeves!

Chow-Kneese advises that a printed blouse with an interesting neckline can be a winner – and women’s shoulders always look good.

Our favourite tips? Emphasise your wrists – this is something we’ve never considered before.

“Your wrists are the thinnest part of your body. It will automatically make you look thinner.”

Tips for how to dress your age »

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Draw attention upwards to an interesting neckline – and emphasise those wrists says the article.

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