How to avoid mistakes with your jeans – and what to go with them

How to avoid mistakes with your jeans

Get the jeans right and the rest will follow!

Often described as a “closet staple” jeans are probably the most important item in your wardrobe. But they need to be right in a number of important ways in order to make the most of the feature items and accessories that you surround them with.

First and foremost is how you wash them. You don’t want to waste all the shopping and tweaking time that goes into making them your perfect pair!

Before you bung them into the washing machine (if you don’t hand wash), turn them inside out, advises Carolyn Forte on the Good Housekeeping Institute website. This helps prevent the abrasion caused by zips and fasteners she advises. For ripped jeans, clip the edges together or they will rip even more.

Don’t buy a pair with the wrong sized pockets!

This invaluable piece of advice was spotted on the Reader’s Digest website as one of nine essential jeans considerations that you should bear in mind. Juliana LaBianca observes that the rear view can be seriously compromised if you have the incorrect shape and size of pocket.

“In general, pockets that sit high and tilt slightly outward will make your tush appear fit and lifted.”

And avoid jeans with no pockets at all costs she writes.

Other interesting tips involve

  • Avoiding the wrong size when you’re an “in-betweeny”
  • Sorting your hemline
  • Wearing the right jeans to work
  • And how to make double denim work for you!

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Floral short sleeve open back top from Just Elegance
This floral short sleeve open back top from Just Elegance is a perfect accompaniment for your jeans

Shop for tops to go with your jeans

The floral short sleeve open back top (above) goes really well with cropped trousers as well.

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Printed V neck embroidered top from Just Elegance
Printed V neck embroidered top from Just Elegance

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