How the monochrome look can be both classy and straightforward

Patchwork Pattern Double Knit Zip Front Cardigan from Just Elegance

Reducing the stress of finding the fashion right colour match

We’re great fans of monochrome! But don’t forget that this approach doesn’t have mean just black and white…

One colour with a “splash” of detail that enhances the palette is something we really go for. Variations of beige have been mega popular of late as well, thanks largely to the growing influence of Scandi fashion.

One of our favourite monochrome how-tos was spotted recently on the Pinkvilla blog, where Janvi Manchanda has described the look as “hassle-free” and “perfect for daily wear”.

Two colour monochrome?

Of course, a single colour doesn’t have to be a black or beige based – it can be any colour as long as it involves variations of the same (for example) green.

But things really get interesting says Manchanda, when you introduce a dual colour, such as black and white or red and white.

“A black and white plaid or red and black plaid can do the job for you.”

It is however most important to not pick anything more than two colours at once says the advice.

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Shop the monochrome look!

The patchwork pattern double knit zip front cardigan at the top of the page is perfect for those chillier autumn days.

And the block double knit cardigan (below) gives you a black/white or black / red colour option.

They’re both exclusive to Just Elegance.

Monochrome Block Double Knit Cardigan from Just Elegance
Black and white or black and red? It’s your choice…

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