How investing in the right “basics” can enhance any woman’s wardrobe

Quality black trousers can be an important staple for any woman's wardobe

Planning is the key to ensuring that essential correct fit for those essentials

Making “sober” choices for your wardrobe basics is a great starting point when anyone is getting an effective and engaging wardrobe together. But if they are to be your “staples”, it’s essential that they fit really well – so you need to invest time in sourcing the correct garments.

Take the classy black trousers shown in the images here: they form the staple for a whole range of outfits of different moods and styles.

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“Basics can be the foundation of extremely fashionable and simple yet sober choices to stay stylish everyday” according to and article by Researchick on her blog article 20 secrets to dress stylish everyday.

“Did you ever wonder that why a woman looks great in white button-up,jeans and a pair of heels? It just took a minute to think of the look but it took planning to ensure that her outfit fits perfectly.”

Interestingly, Researchick’s piece lists a whole lot of other excellent ideas that are well worth checking out, including

  • Rock the monochromatic look and
  • Get accessories for your accessories

…and we just love the red lipstick hat!

20 secrets to dress stylish everyday »

Make high quality basics the core of your wardrobe

You may like to try before you buy – in a shop?

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But in order to make sure that those staples are absolutely spot on, you always have the option of trying them on in a shop. There’s bound to be one near you – find it with out handy store locator.

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