Florals in the autumn – who would have thought it?

Women's black and white floral tunic with scarf by Just Elegance

An “unexpected print” at this time of the year

There’s a bit of a sea change sweeping in as we head into autumn after a less than glorious summer! Florals have up until now been largely the domain of the spring wardrobe – but no longer it seems.

This momentum has also been spotted by Camille Freestone in a piece on the Coveteur website. She describes this potentially “groundbreaking” trend of florals even finding their way into the cold weather wardrobe.

“As surprising as it is to consider wearing a daisy-print trouser in the dead of winter, this is one feel-good trend that will manage to keep us sane until spring.”

Fashion editor Charlie Teather has also spotted this floral surge – this time on the Glamour Magazine website.

“Have florals *ever* been off-trend? We think not, but next season they’re more extra than ever…”

We love florals!

All this is of course rather good news. In all honesty, we’re fans of florals at any time of the year. Of course, florals come in all sorts of hues – they don’t have to burn your retina to qualify.

Take the elegant black and white floral tunic with scarf at the top of the page for example. 

Women's floral short sleeve open back top by Just Elegance
This floral top makes an excellent feature piece

…and this sassy floral short sleeve open back top can be a welcome addition to your wardrobe at any time!

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