Fashion tips – dress for the weather and avoid white in the rain!

Women's fashion-dress according to the weather

…plus a total of 14 other hot women’s clothing pointers

The weather as we head into spring can be variable, mild or freezing, windy or calm and wet of dry. One thing’s for sure – dressing for the weather at any one time can be a real challenge, especially if we get three seasons during the course of one day!

A total of 15 tips to look stylish every day is at the core of an excellent piece by Rajlakshmi on the excellent Fashion Pro website. And one of the points made in the article is to “look at the weather report before you leave your home”.

“On a rainy day, avoid wearing white and material that would take a lot of time to dry, in case you get wet and don’t forget your umbrella.”

And make sure that you have comfortable shoes – just in case you need to move quickly, runs the advice.

If the outlook’s a little uncertain, you may like to wear an extra layer that can easily remove, should the sun actually come out. But make sure that it carries the same colour theme, so you can be consistent with your intended appearance for the day.

The image at the top of the page features, for example, a simple Just Elegance gillet which is shown with a complementary top. 

Snow slub waterfall cardigan in pink by Just Elegance

The Snow Slub Waterfall cardigan by Just Elegance (above) is perfect for unexpectedly mild spring weather, being both lightweight and stylish, whilst providing some warmth.

Other great women’s fashion tips

The Fashion Pro article also feature a whole range of other suggestions (another fourteen in fact), showing (amongst others):-

  • Preparation techniques
  • How to find inspiration
  • Wear ONLY what looks good on you (very important)
  • and our favourite – why “classics are always in vogue”.

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