It’s true! Why beige just “oozes effortless chic”

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For “understated” and “conservative”, read “timeless”…

The beige revolution has all sorts of fashion advantages – so much so that’s it’s establishing itself as the “must-have shade of the moment”, according to a recent article on the Independent website.

Fashion and beauty writer Sarah Young has identified the origins of the new beige revolution – and it’s thanks to designers like Riccardo Tisci of Burberry that this classy neutral has become so popular.

“Here, Tisci took a typically uninspiring shade and transformed it into symbol of classic refinement.”

Alex Longmore, founder of Style School observes that the current sustainability focus in fashion is a key contributor, says the report. Women want “classics that are going to last” she is reported as saying: being of course is an ideal colour range for that.

“I think beige is such a fashionable colour because it’s understated and conservative, which translates to being ‘timeless’ in fashion.”

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Beige and other neutral colours such as black can enable a “highlight” colour to dictate an outfit theme, which in turn can be emphasised with accessories.

Sarah Young also quotes cost designer Rebecca Lockwood who also seems to be a real beige enthusiast.

“It really is a stand out trend for me because of the vast array of options available and it suits all ages, shapes, sizes and skin tones.”

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