Consider quality and longevity when buying clothes

The lightweight fabric of this Just Elegance jumper makes it perfect for an everyday spring look

Why you should be wary of the impulse purchase…

There’s very little point in buying something just to wear it once, decide you don’t like it and throw it away. In fact, as we’re sure you’ll be aware, there’s currently a worldwide backlash against waste in the clothing industry. Yes, we’re in part back to “sustainable clothing” with this piece…

So far so good…

Which brings us to the next part of the equation: if you decide you’re going to choose your clothes carefully – making sure you’ll really love them before buying them – they must be of good quality if they’re going to last. Which makes sense when you thing about it.

This is the centrepiece of an article recently picked up on the Yahoo Style website, written by Emma Spedding.

In amongst the suggested ten straightforward ways you can achieve a more sustainable wardrobe is the one about buying with the longer term in mind.

“Don’t impulse or ‘one wear’ buy. It’s worth investing in pieces you really love and are made from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time; pieces that you’ll genuinely want to keep forever.”

The next tip includes the call to action to “Adopt a fanatical approach to shopping and look out for those telltale signs that a piece of clothing is built to last.”

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Square tape yarn jumper by Just Elegance

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