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Make crease resistant clothes part of your holiday wardrobe

Make crinkle resistant clothes part of your holiday wardrobe

Consider not only looking good – but looking good for the camera! For many fortunate people, about now the great holiday adventure has begun, or is about to begin. We used to love the credit card advert with all those teachers jumping in the swimming pool to a background track of “School’s out” by Alice […]

Avoiding fashion mistakes – the common sense tips to consider

Mint floral design women's T shirt by Just Elegance

Steering clear of the dreaded “fashion faux pas” Not matter how long you spend shopping, carefully checking out what you might love (sometimes more in hope than expectation), and focussing on things that you’re told are fashionable, there are a few simple rules that you need to bear in mind at all times if you’re […]

How to look your best when “dressing your age”

Women's red multiblock stripe top from Just Elegance

A few fashion tips that can make the world of difference as you plan your wardrobe… We need to tread very carefully on this one as the potentially controversial phrase “dressing your age” causes a sharp intake of breath whenever it’s uttered in dark corners! Putting sensitivities aside – if only for a moment – […]

Is it time for a capsule work wardrobe?

Womens black and grey top by Just Elegance

It makes getting up in the morning so much easier… A recent Just Elegance blog article mentioned the benefits of developing a capsule wardrobe for when you’re on holiday or travelling – and the resulting space and weight saving benefits. We’re now taking a step further by suggesting that the principle can be applied to […]

Why mixing patterns isn’t always as taboo as you think it might be…

Ladies reversible dress from Just Elegance

Fashion tips sometimes present the unexpected! At Just Elegance, we’ve always been a tad careful when it comes to patterns, and have tended to stick to one featured garment, being helped to stand out with supporting but plainer staples. That’s beginning to change, with the onset of spring – and a recent article on the […]

Why you shouldn’t buy it if it doesn’t look fabulous on you…

Orange multi print floral tie side dress by Just Elegance

…and you shouldn’t slavishly follow fashion! One of our favourite women’s fashion focussed articles of the moment originated in Australia – on the Sydney Morning Herald website to be precise. It has more common sense packed into it than most how-tos we’ve seen of late. The report is by Serina Bird, who provides a number […]

Transitional fashion: keep the outerwear – but try a splash of colour!

The perfect spring garment - the Just Elegance knitted cape

You may not be aware of the phrase “transitional style” when it comes to women’s clothing, but it’s an important one – especially at this time of year as we make the transition from Winter to Spring

Fashion tips – do your colours match?

Make sure that the colours go well together in any women's outfit

It’s not just your clothes – you need to consider you as well!
Of course it’s vitally important that any woman’s outfit makes sense from a colour point of view. Do you want to convey a mood or reflect the changing weather? Do you want your choice of clothes to reflect your attitude?