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When a knee length skirt hem height is essential

Add a touch of summer colour with this blue multi paisley print crinkle skirt from Just Elegance

Fashion tips for the over 50s that applies to a wide range of age groups… Well-established fashion advice suggests that women over fifty often look their best in skirts and dresses that feature a hem line that finishes on or around the knee level.  We’d take that a step further by saying that these basic […]

Your essential summer wardrobe overhaul starts here!

A summer wardrobe without breaking the bank by Just Elegance

Keep to timeless classics with new statement pieces and accessories Summer has arrived (after a fashion) and it’s the time of year when the phrase “wardrobe overhaul” might crop up from time to time. It makes a great deal of sense, as we wrote in a previous article, to follow the following simple equation:- Good […]

Going pear shaped – look out for form fitting tops and avoid long skirts

Floral butterfly print short dress from Just Elegance

These simple fashion tips make such a difference We search around the globe for relevant fashion tips for you – and this one concerns dressing well if you have this particular body shape… From a health point of view, a pear shaped body is a very good thing to have according to the Longwood University […]

Why tie-dye is now a “must-have style”

Tie dye dresses from Just Elegance

It’s the 1960s all over again – with a difference Tie-dyeing has been around for a long time. We know that the 1960s was a long time ago (really?), but actually it was devised as a method of colouring clothes way before that. There are a multitude of recorded examples in Asia and Africa according […]

How to avoid mistakes with your jeans – and what to go with them

How to avoid mistakes with your jeans

Get the jeans right and the rest will follow! Often described as a “closet staple” jeans are probably the most important item in your wardrobe. But they need to be right in a number of important ways in order to make the most of the feature items and accessories that you surround them with. First […]

Is it time for the great wardrobe clearout?

Womens grey abstract tunic from Just Elegance

What to keep and what to get rid of – and why How often do you actually sort through your wardrobe? If the answer is not very often, you may be surprised what you actually find there… Stuff you might buy again because you didn’t know you’d purchased it in the first place. Trousers that […]

Why mature women may choose to avoid big T-shirts and baggy sweat pants

Palm print lace tunic. Shop online at Just Elegance

Keeping your outfits flattering – without breaking the bank Many consider dressing in a flattering fashion as they get older a real challenge. The key is not to give up and resort to the dreaded baggy T shirt and sweat pants – it’s to follow a few simple basic rules, and the results can be […]

Top fashion tips to save you time and keep you looking good!

Lemon or white floral embroidered T shirt from Just Elegance

How to avoid the dreaded “first thing in the morning panic!” We’ve all been there: the alarm went off late or the kids suddenly remember that all-important something for school – leaving you very little time to actually leave the house looking vaguely presentable. Your intentions were so good. You’d got that new statement piece, […]

Exactly why are “50 shades of beige” so popular at the moment?

Women's beige roll neck hotfix detail jumper from Just Elegance

…and the changing role of the “statement piece” in women’s fashion We’re not sure when this recent mad rush for all things beige began – and it does seem to be quite a recent trend in women’s fashion. Indeed, we recently blogged why beige just “oozes effortless chic”.  Anna Vitiello thinks she spotted its origins at […]

Unpredictable weather? That’s why your cardigan can be your new best friend!

White crochet edge to edge cardigan by Just Elegance

You can look great and keep the chill at bay The word “cardigan” conjures up all sorts of granny-related images in our heads – but these days things have moved on rather a lot. From something looking very much akin to a knitted sleeping bag, the good old cardi has become an essential wardrobe piece […]