How to build a brand around yourself with your clothes…

Yellow and black women's top by Just Elegance

Develop a style that’s right for you!

If it doesn’t work for you, why does it clutter up your wardrobe?

There’s no two ways about it – sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. It’s easy when you apply this to others, but not so straightforward when you (literally) have to take a good look in the mirror at yourself.

It’s important to decide what it is that you’re trying to achieve and to make sure that your new “look” will help you to achieve that.

And the two key starting points?

  1. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit the plan
  2. Get rid of anything that doesn’t go with things that do.

Make sure that your clothing strategy is the right one

People’s preconceived ideas about the impressions that they want to give are often erroneous, according to one of our new fave articles, by Annie Brown on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

The centrepiece of the report is an interview with Nicole Bonython-Hines, who comes across as a particularly “blunt” (her word) stylist: she offers some excellent – and potentially brutal – words of advice.

Beginning with client’s ideas about what they like and don’t like, she helps them to, as the article puts it, build a “brand” around their hopes and expectations.

“One of the challenges in overhauling a client’s wardrobe is the pre-conceived ideas people have about the impression they want to give, or what suits them.”

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Preview of the Just Elegance women's clothes Autumn collection

The Autumn collection – coming soon to Just Elegance…

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