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Why the gilet can be the most versatile item in your wardrobe

Women's gilet from Just Elegance

The “Goldilocks experience” of clothes… There are those who may remember the tale of “Goldilocks and the three bears” where, hungry and alone, our heroine discovered the bears’ house. Imagine her relief when she spied three bowls of porridge on the table – and in desperation sampled them.  You may remember that in the story, […]

How the monochrome look can be both classy and straightforward

Patchwork Pattern Double Knit Zip Front Cardigan from Just Elegance

Reducing the stress of finding the fashion right colour match We’re great fans of monochrome! But don’t forget that this approach doesn’t have mean just black and white… One colour with a “splash” of detail that enhances the palette is something we really go for. Variations of beige have been mega popular of late as […]

What to wear with those black jeans?

Fashion tips what to wear with black jeans

There’s so much choice, it can be difficult to make up your mind… We love black jeans! They can look dramatic and cool in equal measure. But the challenge is how to develop your look, without looking as though you’re wanting to crash the nearest funeral or making yourself look just too severe. If you […]

Travelling light – caring for your clothes on the move

Travelling light caring for your clothes on the move

Think about washing your clothes before you set off… This is often the time of year when a longer trip, maybe a spell of travelling abroad, can happen for you if you’re lucky enough to be able to get away for a while. After all, holidays and travel are considerably cheaper now that the kids […]

How to make monochrome outfits work for you

Monochrome blacks and whites can form a great basis for your look

Consider textiles, patterns – and maybe a very subtle use of colour It’s official – monochrome was upgraded to the “trend” status, according to Brittany Brolley on her piece on The List website. She drew our attention to genderless fashion, an “ultra feminine” trend – and in particular the growing momentum of the monochromatic wardrobe. This […]

Florals in the autumn – who would have thought it?

Women's black and white floral tunic with scarf by Just Elegance

An “unexpected print” at this time of the year There’s a bit of a sea change sweeping in as we head into autumn after a less than glorious summer! Florals have up until now been largely the domain of the spring wardrobe – but no longer it seems. This momentum has also been spotted by […]

How to build a brand around yourself with your clothes…

Yellow and black women's top by Just Elegance

Develop a style that’s right for you! If it doesn’t work for you, why does it clutter up your wardrobe? There’s no two ways about it – sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. It’s easy when you apply this to others, but not so straightforward when you (literally) have to take a […]

Workplace variety – mix the tops with the staple bottoms

Fashion tips multiple tops for the same bottom Just Elegance blog

Get the high quality basics right and the rest will follow… It’s a situation that we all face from time to time – what to wear at work, whilst at the same time having to avoid the dreaded “same old same old”… One answer is to give the plastic a bashing, buy loads of clothes […]

It’s Scandi-lous – you CAN add a splash of colour!

Fashion blog and tips from Just Elegance

Well-balanced and functional, but now with just that little bit extra… We love Scandi fashion! We’ve previously referred to it as a quietly confident easy styling, being cooly understated and comfortable at the same time. With lots of those wonderful layers working in harmony. Scandi is built around those quality staple neutrals as ever, but […]

How to make cropped trousers work for you

Women's cropped floral trousers only from Just Elegance

Two key lengths to consider… Cropped trousers – sometimes referred to as cropped pants – need to be approached with a little care. We’ve all witnessed the odd crop-disaster!  The good news is that adhering to a very few simple rules can make all the difference between a summer success and a fashion fail! And […]